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Contributors // Biographies

Alex Abelson is writing an epic poem entitled Street Legal, set in upstate New York in the year 2300, and centers around the relationships between humans and bison. He edits the magazine Hotel.

Jonah Meadows Adels enables children’s media projects in Portland, Oregon. Jonah enjoys plant architecture, animal languages, and human joy. Yum.

Mario Jose Aguilar hopes for a brighter future that may include but is not limited to health care without working. He lives in San Francisco and gives a shout out to his homies here and on the other side. mariojoze@gmail.com.

Jade Ajani is a filmmaker who is also obsessed with topography. He lives in San Francisco and at lasercave.biz/grow, where you can purchase his feature-length documentary on CSAs, Growing Awareness. jadeajani@gmail.com.

Christian Alexander lives in Boulder, Colorado. He can be contacted at clbalexander@gmail.com.

Michelle Antonisse is a Brooklyn-based artist who enjoys theme parks and boogie boarding.

Devin Bannon is a performance artist from Seattle, where he is currently radiating the viral Deep Leap philosophy into a cadre of bright young theatre soldiers. His email is devinbannon@live.com.

Adam Baz values Gel Pens for their superlative opacity and reliability, not merely the nostalgia and irony which they invoke. He is an inspired explorer of the universal subconscious, and an armchair Foucauldian. Born in upstate New York, he now resides in Portland, OR. See his artwork at <www.adambaz.com> or <www.myspace.com/adambaz>.

Brenden Beck lives, teaches elementary school, and eats more meat than is sustainable in Philadelphia, PA. Reach him at brendenbeck@gmail.com.

Jerusha Beckerman lives in New York City where she takes care of babies and other small children. Email her at jerushabeckerman@gmail.com.

Liza Birnbaum rides bikes and reads books at Bard College and in Santa Fe, NM. She also really likes to write letters. If you do too: navigatebystars@hotmail.com.

Polly Bresnick writes stories for and about little kids and grown-ups. She currently lives in Portal Land, USA. Likes: needlepointing, Moby Dick. The next Brez/Baz production, a collection of the previously untold myths of a previously undiscovered tribe of Native Americans, is due to come out some time in late winter/early spring.
Contact: polly.bresnick@gmail.com
Blog: www.psychicponyland.blogspot.com.
Previous work purchasable at: http://www.lasercave.biz/beinglittlebeingbig.html.

A. F. Bunahabhain has spent one million years searching for the most powerful sword in the world. He naps frequently and with great passion, searching for dream-swords and were-worlds.

Marri Coen lives in San Francisco, working lucratively in the Structured Activity sector. She likes popcorn and if you’d like to know more about this, ask her for her business card and she’ll make you one. Or email her at marscoen@gmail.com.

Charity Coleman writes & lives in San Francisco for now.

Lilly de Lucia enjoys emptying eggrolls and filling the shells with her own creations. She does this in New York City. She also enjoys filling out surveys of any kind- send them to her at lillydelucia@gmail.com.

Tim Donovan lives at the Greymalken Experimental Life Center in North Portland Oregon. See you on the YM Tour DVD!!

Mark Essen is a dude living in or around New York. He’s alright.

Matthew Harry Evans (1985-) n’est pas français mais se crois plus intéressant dans cette langue. Il trouve la question de ses origines assez difficile mais il espère de se trouver dans une ville près de vous dans l’avenir proche. N’hesitez pas à l’écrire à matthewharryevans@gmail.com.

Rachel Hart is regarded as “very creative” by the Jewish Community she grew up with on Long Island, New York. She is also regarded as “pretty Jewish” by the creative community she is now a part of in San Francisco. This is Rachel’s first drawing to reach a publication. email: rmertzhart@gmail.com.

Johanna Hauser lives in San Francisco. Reach her at johauser@gmail.com.

Nick Henderson is a doublet for the “I” who spoke the tongue and the “you” who awaits the word; a private demonym for the living language of a dead mouth; a paronym of a pseudonym; a possible masculine, and a possible feminine;

Adam Johnson keeps cats despite deep and troublesome allergies. He produces the occasional prose-poem, microfictional short-short, or heady speculative. He has a secret website and was once a widely acclaimed blogger. Today, he only receives email at adamfjohnson@gmail.com.

Hannah Johnson or hannahkjohnson.com, as her friends know her, lives in San Francisco and works in Mountain Dew. She’s got it. Still.

Zak Kitnick is an artist living and working in New York. Zak has recently exhibited at Artists Space, Asia Song Society and Talman + Monroe. He is currently at work on a new show tentatively titled ‘Moonshadow,’ or maybe ‘Ode to Joy’ which can be seen at ‘Cleopatras’ in mid-September. zkitnick@gmail.com // www.zacharykitnick.com.

Lauren Kitz is huge and lives in San Francisco. If you want to talk about getting huge email her at laurenkitz@gmail.com.

Hai Knafo is a Brooklyn artist. A former cab driver and banana picker, a current illustrator for the Wall Street Journal. He is the father of Hannah Yves Knafo, currently a resident of San Francisco, who writes sometimes. hannahknafo@gmail.com.

Davi Lakind is arguably the greatest basketball player to have ever lived. She grew up in Santa Fe, went to Amherst College to acquire mad knowledge, lives in Brooklyn, works in Harlem, and regularly checks email sent to rdlakind@gmail.com.

Rebecca Leopold was raised in a suburb, found time in the country & now lives in some city. You can find her & her work at: rebeccaleopold.com.

Amy MacKay lives and works in San Francisco. She painted the cover of this issue.

Marissa Magic is a punk feminist mover and shaker who currently resides in San Francisco. She grew up in deep suburbia (in Northern California), went to school in Olympia, and came back down here in order to enjoy big city life. Ask a question at marissa@punkymagic.com.

Jesse Malmed is a maker in and of many media currently centered in San Francisco. His work can be seen at jessemalmed.net or purchased through lasercave.biz. He is hard at work on an inside joke book with Jersi Marmblatt, whose other current project is 55 x 55, which is an indeterminate number of 55 word stories. Like these.

Raven Munsell is a South American-American. She lives in San Francisco with her boyfriend and four children. raven.munsell@gmail.com.

Nicholas Nauman played Farmer Joe in a 1995 Arlington Community Theater production of The Wizard of Oz. He lives in Brooklyn now with his band: myspace.com/longbowband.

Morgan Peirce: San Francisco, morgansemailaddress@gmail.com.

Ari Phillips has a hairy chest and an even hairier past. Email him at Portland, OR or visit him at ari.phillips@gmail.com.

Joey Prince is your dad. He lives in his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico and is currently studying photography at the College of Santa Fe. Email: Joey_Prince@hotmail.com.

Michael Rae is a horse enthusiast from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now he lives in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys asking such questions as “If life sustains itself, is life God?” You can email him at “mrae@lclark.edu” and listen to his homemade pop songs at “myspace.com/rbeingnothingness.com.”

Mary Reilly is a poet and visual artist living in NYC. Her work has appeared in the NY Quarterly, Bowery Women, and Vox Pop. She reads regularly at The Bowery Poetry Club, NYC.

Lizzie Robillard-Brimball is going to be in debt for approximately twenty years from her undergraduate degree at conceptual art school. These debts will be prolonged by years of brainless doodling, paying overpriced rent in San Francisco, and slaving over large-scale works that will never actually be put on sale due to emotional attachment.

Ben Segal lives in a large victorian house in western Mass. He wrote a book called ‘78 Stories’ (No Record Press, 2008) that takes the form of a giant crossword puzzle. He likes email a lot. Please write to benbensegal@gmail.com.

Sarah Simon is a San Francisco-based artist/crafter. You can usually find her at home doodling, dawdling, or rearranging the furniture. Contact her at sarahkwansimon@gmail.com.

H. Richard Spryte was born in Paducah, Kentucky, and is a zoologist by training. He currently lives alone in Metropolis, Illinois, where he has a butterfly collection and a cat named Tycho Brahe.

J D Steinmetz lives and works in St. Cloud, MN with his wife and collection of lists. He collects emails at amazementology@gmail.com.

Jodi Sussman spends a great deal of time trying to determine what kind of art lawyers like and knows more than you might expect about chickens. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and can be reached virtually(,) 24 hours a day via jbs03@hampshire.edu.

Mat Trumbull wonders if he’ll ever be an early riser, and feels ashamed in comparison to someone that is. He lives in San Francisco. Mat.Trumbull@gmail.com.

Sam Wohl was born in Los Angeles in 1984 and currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Joel Wright lives in Chicago. E-mail him at joelwrig@gmail.com, or check out his blog at logiosdolioseriounios.blogspot.com.